Current Bible Study Opportunities

The Patriarchs: The whole family is welcomed to join together in a study of the life of Jacob according to the book of Genesis. This intergenerational class includes in-depth Bible study, small group/ family discussion points, singing and discussing hymns, and an opportunity for the family to learn the chief doctrines of the Christian faith by heart.

Lord Teach Us To Pray: A men's Bible study meets each Wednesday at 11:00am to study. The are currently looking at the explanation to Luther's Small Catechism on the Lord's Prayer. Come for a great discussion and  then join the men for lunch afterwards at one of the restaurants in or around our neighborhood.

The Means of Grace: The ladies also have a Bible study on Wednesdays at 1:00am. The pastor is guiding them through a study from The Insight Series about the tools by which God delivers grace to his children.



FOUNDATIONS:  Ask every question you have ever had about what we believe as Lutherans. Using Martin Luther’s Small Catechism as a basis, we will dig deeply into our Lutheran Confessions as we search for answers together on Mondays from 6 to 8 pm (if there is a 5th Monday we take it off).

APOLOGETICS SEMINARS: With the goal of leading the skeptic to the cross and overcoming the doubts of the believer with the truth of God's Word, we offer quarterly seminars. Upcoming seminars include:  OLD SCHOOL: Making a Defense Like the Reformers (October 29), How to Talk to People About Difficult Things (January 21), and Proof of the Resurrection (May 6th). Each of these seminars will begin at 10am and last until Noon. Please register for these events by contacting the church office.

INTERACTION Teams: Volunteers meet with the residents of Jacob's Village to lead devotions and pray with the residents there. If you would like to share in this experience, we would be happy to connect you with a team leader.