Our Story


The Beginning

In the spring of 1938, St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Evansville applied to the Synod for the services of a theological candidate, whose first assignment would be a thorough canvas of the residential area in the northern part of the city. The Lutheran Mission Society of Greater Evansville (now called the Lutheran Mission Action Council), representing all congregations of the community belonging to the Missouri Synod, endorsed the undertaking. Candidate William G. Mehringer, a graduate of Concordia Seminary St. Louis, Missouri, was selected for this assignment, and arrived in August to begin his work.

The original intention was to determine the feasibility of establishing a branch school in this area, but it soon became clear that the Lutherans residing here were more interested in establishing a new congregation. Under the guidance of the Mission Society several meetings were held. On October 16, 1938, it was resolved, with the approval and encouragement of the existing congregations, to organize a new congregation. In subsequent meetings the name "Concordia" was chosen, and a Constitution and By-laws were adopted.

There being no suitable places available to conduct services, it was resolved that Concordia's members should continue their affiliation with their former congregations until a house of worship could be erected. With generous financial assistance from Mrs. John Heldt, a member of St. Paul's congregation, property on Stringtown Rd was purchased. The right-of-way for the opening of Joan Ave. was deeded to the city. A building  committee was appointed, plans and specifications approved, and the contract for the church building was made.

Ground was broken for the church building March 26th, the cornerstone was laid May 28th and the church was dedicated to the service of the Lord on Sunday, July 9, 1939. The total cost of the building and its furnishings was about $12,000. Many fellow Lutheran extended a helping hand either by individual gifts or through offerings sponsored by the Mission Society.

Pastor that have served God's people at Concordia:

                     William Mehringer -- 1939-1943

                     Peter Plunkett --1943-1965

                     Bruce Bartholomew -- 1966-1990

                     Philip Spomer -- 1991-2002

                     David Wiist --2004-Present