O God, the Savior of us all,

When Your Son walked among us,

He looked upon and loved

All ages of men,

Babies, children, the young,

The mature, the aged.

He took upon Him the sins of all ages of men.

He died for us all

And rose again for all of us

That we might all,

Each on his appointed path,

Henceforth live to Him and serve Him

All the days of our lives.


O good Creator of us all,

You have designed all ages of man

And have put Your blessing

On all our times and seasons.

You have made our lives a living patterns

Curiously and variously woven

For Your glory.


You have made our lives

An intricate instrument

In Your cunning hand

To play tunes

In all keys,

In all volumes,

In all tempos,

For Your praise.


O breathing Spirit, Giver of all life,

O great Revealer of all truth,

You have made young men to see visions

And old men to dream dreams.

Your Word has come to us

Spoken by young and old

By hot, impetuous, young prophets

By men in the high noonday

Of their strength

And by serene and wise old men.

You Word has given “elder”

A grave and honored ring

And has put honor

On the gray-haired head

And on the bald pate too.