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Advent Hymn Study part 3


This hymn provides you with a beautiful prayer to pray in the evenings before you go to sleep and it also provides a great summary of Christ's work of redemption.

Advent Hymn Study part 2


This video provides a brief introduction of the life of the hymnwriter, Ambrose of Milan and then Pastor Wiist offers a quick overview of the theology found in the hymn, "Savior of the Nations Come."

Advent Hymn Study


Hymn Study: O Lord, How Shall I Meet You.
A brief introduction to the hymnwriter and a video describing the theology of the text.

Micah 6:6-8


Have you ever thought about what you should bring when you come into the presence of the Lord? Today's text provides guidance. 


Revelation 7:9-17

COMFORT. This text is all about giving comfort to the believer as he/she faces tribulation because of their faith.

Isaiah 55

You have often heard passages from this chapter used, but have you ever seen how these passages beautifully fit together?


Deuteronomy 10:12-21

This text gives instruction on how to deal with a stubborn heart (especially your own).